怼周刊_v24 ~ 预定 17.9.25 20:20 发布 Release time - 20:20, September 25th, 2017 舍利子 抑郁难耐结丹兮 碾转揪疼自难抗 编译不过内存溢 豆腐食多钙结石 Sarira Depressed intolerably due to stones in the body Tossed and turned due to can't control the pain


怼周刊_v23 ~ 预定 17.9.18 20:20 发布 Release time - 20:20, September 18th, 2017 变量之墙 入秋广鹤燥 熊猫截取用变量 须数塞串囧 The wall of variable Guanghe being flippancy in the fall Pandas selected by variable Must be int but into string o(╯□╰)o 小


怼周刊_v22 ~ 预定 17.9.11 20:20 发布 Release time - 20:45, September 11th, 2017 竹俳 求职秋至启 端茶编程当模特 不过是生存 Bamboo’s haiku Job Hunting from Fall waiter,coder or model Only try to survive 主编: 大妈 责编: xpgeng sunoonlee Zoe bambooom 进度 Timelines ~ 记