怼周刊_v18 ~ 预定 17.8.14 14:42 发布 Release time - 14:42, August 14th, 2017 See U See Me 看你看我看大家 怼文怼码怼思维 等他等她没止境 搞事搞完搞出彩 怕错怕囧怕不停 嫑猜嫑挫嫑脑补 动手动


怼周刊_v17 ~ 预定 17.8.5 20:20 发布 Release time - 20:20, August 5th, 2017 Rhythm Give yourself a rhythm Hard things can become easier Give yourself a reason Motivation can lead you further Half a year just past What you have done Half a year gonna coming What you wanna do 节奏 给你自己节奏 难事也能


怼周刊_v16 ~ 预定 17.7.29 20:20 发布 Release time - 20:20, July 29th, 2017 why isDATA ? a tiny task done by a little time but when reviewed by new bear there comes so many whys why isDATA? why strip? why and why... why so many whys but not debug? de de debug do do code de de debug go go running de